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Corning Announces Multimode Version of ClearCurve® Optical Fiber

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Brings ultra-bendable benefits to data centers and enterprise networks

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced a new ClearCurve® ultra-bendable multimode optical fiber for use in data centers and enterprise networks. Corning ClearCurve multimode fiber is the world's first laser-optimized multimode fiber to withstand tight bends at or below 10 mm radius with substantially less signal loss than traditional multimode fiber. This new fiber allows designers, installers and operators of enterprise networks -- including local area networks, data centers and industrial networks -- to deploy optical fiber in more places by delivering all of the bandwidth benefits of optical fiber in a package that is easier to handle and install than copper.

Traditionally, when an optical cable experiences very tight bends, as is common in constrained enterprise network spaces like telecommunications closets and data center racks, it can result in signal loss and costly down time. ClearCurve multimode fiber's improved bend performance minimizes signal loss and enables faster and more efficient optical cable pathways, routing and installation.

ClearCurve 50-micron multimode fiber meets or exceeds the OM3 industry standard for high-bandwidth, laser-optimized multimode fibers, as well as the proposed OM4 standard. Laser-optimized multimode fibers are the fibers of choice for bandwidth-intensive companies such as financial institutions, hospitals, high-tech manufacturing firms and universities.

"Multimode optical fiber is the most cost-effective, future-proof solution for enterprise networks," said Martin J. Curran, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Optical Fiber. "With Corning ClearCurve multimode fiber, our customers can maintain the benefits of multimode fiber while maximizing system reliability, minimizing downtime, and realizing overall space savings and reduced cost."

Multimode optical fiber has many modes of light traveling through the fiber. The outer mode groups are particularly sensitive to bend. Corning's new multimode optical fiber is designed to confine these outer mode groups to the fiber core and maintain the integrity of the optical signal.

ClearCurve OM3 multimode optical fiber is the latest optical fiber innovation from Corning, which invented the first low-loss optical fiber nearly 40 years ago. Since then, Corning has revolutionized telecommunications by developing fiber innovations such as the first dispersion-shifted fibers, large effective area fibers, and ultra-low-loss fiber for long-haul and high-data rate transmission; the first laser-optimized multimode fibers for enterprise networks; and the first G.652.D compatible SBS-enhanced fibers and bend-insensitive single-mode fibers for access and broadband applications.

ClearCurve multimode fiber is the newest member of the Corning ClearCurve fiber family. In 2007, Corning introduced its award-winning ClearCurve single-mode fiber which solved the technical and physical challenges faced by telecommunications carriers installing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, particularly in multi-dwelling units. Now, with ClearCurve multimode fiber, Corning takes the benefits of bend-insensitive optical fiber into data centers and enterprise networks, which face similar space constraints and installation challenges.

Corning will unveil and demonstrate the performance of its new multimode optical fiber Jan. 18-21, 2009, at the Winter BICSI Conference in Orlando, Fla. Visit

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