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AGY launches new glass fiber biomaterial for the medical device implant market

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Due to increasing market demand for higher performing biocompatible composite solutions, AGY has launched a new glass fiber biomaterial reinforcement targeting the medical device implant market; as unveiled on January 13, 2009. The new biomaterial, HPB™ glass fiber, is suitable for long-term implant applications of over 30 days and is compatible with a wide range of thermoplastic polymers such as PEEK, PEI and PPS.

In addition to biocompatibility, HPB glass fiber delivers superior impact, tensile strength and modulus mechanical properties over standard glass fiber products. For example, HPB glass fibers exhibit 40% higher tensile strength and 20% higher tensile modulus versus ordinary E-Glass fibers.

The high elastic resistance of HPB glass fiber enables medical or dental devices to be developed for extended long-term implant requirements. AGY has secured success in multiple composite applications for the oral environment such as orthodontics and dental implants, crowns, and bridges, and is also pursuing other proprietary medical device applications that demand a biocompatible structural composite reinforcement, such as orthopaedics.

HPB glass fiber uses a proprietary glass processing technology and is available in a wide range of chopped, yarn, and roving formats, individually tailored to the demands of the customer. It is part of the S-3 Glass™ fiber family of special grade products that have properties specifically tailored for high performance applications.

“HPB glass fiber further confirms AGY's strategy to develop advanced materials for a broad range of added value niche applications and market segments worldwide,” said Drew Walker, Vice President Sales and Marketing at AGY.

AGY’s HPB glass fiber biomaterial is available to the marketplace only via an AGY supply agreement and further details on these arrangements are available upon request.

About AGY
AGY is a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements used in a variety of composites applications. The company serves a diverse range of markets including aerospace and defense, electronics, construction and industrial. Headquartered in Aiken, South Carolina U.S., AGY has a European office in Lyon, France and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. in Aiken, South Carolina and Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

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