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Glass Remains Most Popular Choice for Wine Packaging

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Recent O-I study measures packaging preferences in wine sector

Despite the fact that between 17-20 percent of surveyed wineries plan on changing their packaging mix in the future, glass will still be the preferred packaging material by the majority of wineries, according to a recent study by O-I.

In a study conducted in fall 2008 by O-I which polled nearly 150 winery decisionmakers, glass was still the highest used packaging material with 99-100% of the wineries surveyed still using glass packaging.

The research also found that glass is perceived more positively than alternative packaging materials such as bag-in-box, PET plastic, aluminum, and multi-layer aseptic packaging.

On a ten-point scale, glass has more than a five-point difference in positive perception for the following attributes: “connotes a premium image,” “accepted by consumers,” “aesthetics of the packaging” and “ability to maintain flavor.” Respondents also responded favorably to the safety of glass packaging.

To determine the reasoning why wineries choose different packaging materials, the research measured top purchase drivers. According to respondents, the top purchase drivers—or factors that affect which packaging materials they choose—are: cost, image it conveys, whether the packaging affects the taste of the contents, and whether the packaging affects the shelf life of the contents.

In response to this research on winery preferences and top purchase drivers, O-I is planning on updating its portfolio of stock bottles to cater to the preferences of its customers. More premium bottles will now be available (playing to the “image” purchase driver) as well as lightweight bottles which help customers reduce their carbon footprints.

While using environmentally responsible packaging—packaging that is recyclable and reduces the carbon footprint—wasn’t in the top three purchase drivers, still more than 50 percent of respondents scored it as a factor in the purchase decision.

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