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Be Rational to Industry 4.0 in Glass Processing

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(China Glass Network) Nowadays, Industry4.0 has brought new hotspots to glass processing, which can be seen in shanghai for China Glass 2016. New concepts concerning Industry 4.0 such as tempering equipment upload to the cloud, the application of BUFFER, MES system and ERP caused heat debate at China Glass 2016. What should deep-processing glass enterprises do in the tide of industry 4.0Choices should be made with calmness and reason. 

In general, reasons for industrial transformation and upgrading are increasing labor cost and unsteady product quality. Enterprises that enter Industry 4.0 have cut costs for human resources, thereby putting more funds into automatic machines. More than a decade ago, there was a popular saying that “Any enterprise that rejects ERP will fail at last”. Now the saying is that “Any enterprise that rejects Industry 4.0 will fail at last”. Obviously, deep-processing glass enterprises have totally accepted the concept of ERP. ERP has become an indispensable management means.


Just like other industries, deep-processing glass enterprises also confront 3-stage growth pattern: demand-driven development, efficiency-driven development and innovation-driven development. To enter industry 4.0, deep-processing glass enterprises can do the following things. First, it is imperative to make digital factory develop to an informationalized and automated one. Second, the business model is as important as technology innovations. Enterprises should pay attention to the change of thinking, which means adapting the thinking of Industry 4.0 to their development.


In a nutshell, what deep-processing glass enterprises should do is to adhere to their business value with an optimistic attitude to Industry 4.0.



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