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Dunwoody uncorks new rule banning glass bottles from parks

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Pity the poor souls who attend an outdoor concert at the Dunwoody Nature Center and have to bring their wine in —- gasp —- boxes.

It could happen after the Dunwoody City Council this week adopted rules prohibiting glass bottles, including wine bottles, from city parks.

Exit your cuvee and your Riesling. You can’t even tote in Two Buck Chuck.

The yuppie-heavy new city may never recover.

“So I guess we can bring our favorite boxed wine to events,” city councilman Tom Taylor said to giggles at Monday’s meeting.

The council adopted an ordinance that allows the city to issue permits to nonprofit groups that allow alcohol at their events at city parks and centers.

The $25 per event or $100 annual permit fee was designed with those who spread out in the nature center meadow in mind, said councilman Robert Wittenstein, who sponsored the measure.

But a companion resolution drew fire for the guidelines —- no bottles —- and lack of restrictions about where in a park the alcohol could be consumed.

Changes could be made to the rules —- including allowances for that bottle of bubbly you’ve been saving —- as early as Jan. 26.

“The number of ways and things we’ve made illegal just boggles the mind,” Wittenstein said.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionAuthor: shangyi

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