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NorthGlass Tempering Glass on the Highest Building in Korea

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One of the “global eight most exciting buildings” in 2016 selected by BBC is Lotte World Tower, which will be completed by the end of 2016.  


The Lotte World Tower is Korea’s first multi-storied building with more than 100 floors. Nearly 5 million manpower and 3,800 billion won (RMB 20.9 billion) were put into the construction of this tower. The tower is 555m high with 123 floors, covering nearly 328,000 m2, which will replace the Building No. 1 of New York's World Trade Center to be the highest skyscraper among the developed countries.




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Tower under construction




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The diamond-type structure is designed and applied in the tower, implanting “herringbone” circular rebar into the building body and thereby enabling it to bear loads without any supporting pillar. The white vertical frame system extends from the base to the top layer, and the tower’s curtain wall extends upwards to reach the highest point of the whole building. The building facades combines metal with glass to avoid too much sunlight exposure, fully catering to the environment-friendly concept of “energy-saving & sustainable development”.



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It is reported that, as the curtain wall glass supplier for the tower acting as Korea’s world-class business card, Tianjin Glass Corporation, which is one of NorthGlass’ subsidiaries, managed to customize high-end irregular-shaped and square super clear tempering glass ribs and glass floor.

The laminated glass and single-layer tempering safety glass provided by NorthGlass this time are manufactured by the same technical process as that of the headquarter curtain wall glass used by a global top-level electronic brand. Using special materials to process hole that can ensure the edge around hole smooth and without spill over the interlayer. Hole shift is within 0.5mm. Adopt unique edge treatment technology to make interlayer of glass edges flawless and smooth.



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As the saying goes, ” Nuances, see clues.” , NorthGlass plays its important part to make this miracle of architecture come true. And NorthGlass will keep presenting the top-level glass to the world on more and more landmark buildings.

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