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Vitro launches in Europe its new line of self cleaning glass ECOPURE(R)

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  • ECOPURE® improves visibility through the glass when it rains
  • Expenses related to window cleaning are reduced considerably

Vitro announced today the launching of its new product line ECOPURE®, its new self cleaning glass, through its European affiliate Vitro Cristalglass.

ECOPURE® is a glass called hydrophobic that is very resistant and colorless which substantially improves visibility during and after it rains.

Its exclusive coating destroys organic contaminants on its surface and increases the sliding action of the water over the glass thus allowing for easy elimination of dirt and reduces considerably the frequency of manual window washing.

The self cleaning window works thanks to the combined action of two natural elements: sunlight and rain. Sunlight, even on cloudy days, decomposes dirt and grime on the glass. Later when it rains on the window’s surface, without forming drops, the rain completely rinses the residues previously decomposed by the UV sun rays.

In addition to the advantage of time savings and maintenance expenses is added the feature of improved visibility through the window when it rains and also, very importantly, it helps the environment by reducing the use of detergents.

ECOPURE® is a glass that can be combined with other products from the product selection of Vitro Cristalglass as the treatment is applied on just 1 face of the glass surface.

“Even in the difficult environment that 2009 presents for the construction industry on a global basis, Vitro Cristalglass continues to work towards developing new and better products that give value added to our clients and on the other hand help to preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations”, comments Alberto Gómez, Marketing Manager.

For more information over he use and applications of ECOPURE® we recommend that you visit the following website:

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