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Cosmetics packaging market forecast to 2026

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The the global cosmetics packaging market is expected to be driven by a multitude of factors, such as increasingly busy lifestyles resulting in more convenient packaging, people increasingly conscious about their looks, an ageing population driving the demand for anti-ageing products, and many other trends. 

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 Cosmetics packaging market forecast to 2026


This latest Packaging Industry Report published by Visiongain says that many other elements will also drive the market trends specifically within France, UK, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and India.


The report provides detailed profiles of 11 leading companies operating within the cosmetics packaging market:


Amcor, Albea, Aptar Group, Crown Holdings, WestRock Co., Cosmogen, Cosmopak, Fusion Packaging, HCP Packaging, HCT Packaging Inc and RPC Group.


The analysis is also underpinned by exclusive interviews with leading experts Denis Maurin, VP of Sales and Industrial Innovation, part of HCT Packaging and Expert Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA) Debbie Hunter, Director of Communications


The overview also forecasts the cosmetics packaging market by material from 2016-2026:

-       The Cosmetics Packaging Materials Submarket Share Forecast

-       Rigid Plastic Cosmetics Packaging Submarket Forecast 

-       Flexible Plastic Cosmetics Packaging Submarket Forecast 

-       Paper Cosmetics Packaging Submarket Forecast

-       Metal Cosmetics Packaging Submarket Forecast

-       Glass Cosmetics Packaging Submarket Forecast

-       Other Cosmetics Packaging Materials Submarket Forecast


For further information contact rperez@reportsvg.com.

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