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3D Glass has become An Investment Hot Spot

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(China Glass Network) At present, mobile phone giants Samsung and Millet have taken the lead in using 3D glass displays and 3D glass backs. Recently, it is said that some supplier of iPhone casings has confirmed the new iPhone would choose glass shell.


3D glass is gaining increasing popularity. It is widely used in smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and wearable products due to its thinness, transparency, and cleanliness. Besides it has the advantages of anti-dazzle effect and scratching resistance. With the increase of high-quality 3D glass, related products will lead the direction of future looks.


According to some institutions, the glass industry chain will witness the inflection point of the development, which brings great opportunities to the technological innovation of smartphones. It is suggested that special attention should be paid to 3D glass investment.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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