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Rate of glass processing will increase by more than 15% in 2009

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Supply & demand and consumption structures of glass are transiting from mid-and low-grade float glass to high-grade float glass, from glass sheet to high value added products. According to the 11th Five-year Development Program, the ratio of high-grade float glass will increased from 20% now to about 40%, and the rate of glass processing from 25% to more than 40%. Therefore, to adjust and improve the industry structure should be the first.

Encourage the development of the technology for special high-grade float glass and glass processing; limit the development of ordinary float glass for its oversupply in recent years.

The implementation of some policies and regulations, such as Energy-saving Project of Government Organizations, is bound to bring market opportunities for green processed glass including hollow glass, Low-E hollow glass and solar glass. Energy-saving glass highlights a new market demand.

Flat glass industry belongs to the typical resources and energy consumption industry. The whole industry consumes energy as many as 9.6 million ton of standard coal per year. During the 11th Five-year from 2006 to 2010, China has set the most important goal to slash its energy consumption per unit of domestic gross product by 20% and discharges of main pollutants by 10%. So, to do well in energy saving and emission reduction is a critical task of glass industry.

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