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Clear glass is out. Modern glass is in.

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We are spoilt for choice. So, Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Help me choose the best glass!  


Homes are no longer about just serving the basic necessity of shelter; they are also about personality, aesthetics and efficiency.


Building a house is everyone’s dream. We take utmost care to etch every corner with detail. With worldly travel the new norm, our tastes and knowledge have crossed horizons.


But are we designing our dream homes to be efficient? If no, read on…

Energy conservation and green buildings are the mantras of modern buildings. Here are a few interventions you can make to your dream house.


Increasing efficiency

Did you know that 20 percent of the annual electricity consumption goes to light your home? Isn’t that absurd for a tropical country like India where the sun shines bright throughout the day?


Today, in line with modern tastes, builders façade our exteriors with clear glass. This allows all the light and all the heat into our homes. Nothing can be more wasteful and shameful. You need to select the right glass. Glass, properly selected, not only helps in harvesting natural sunlight but also reduces air-conditioning bills, and that too by a good 30 percent.


Now I can see you scratching your head thinking how the AC bill can be contained if abundant sunlight is allowed into the house.  You must be wondering how the electricity bill would come down.  The solution lies in spending time to select your glass. ‘Sun Ban’ Glass has the property to cut the heat from sunlight and control the amount of light that comes in. This not only lights up the house but also makes it cool. Thus, in the long run, you can save both on artificial lighting and on your air-conditioning bills.


But what if you have already built your home? With changing technology, it is now possible to upgrade your clear glass to sun ban glasses and lacquered glasses without much hassle. Latest developments enable changing glass from within the building itself, thus reducing the cost of scaffolding. Tall office buildings that spend a sizeable chunk of their cost on electricity bills can upgrade their glass facades with ease. It reduces their recurring costs on electricity and allows optimum sunlight, cutting out the heat, and improves the efficiency of the workers inside.


Saint-Gobain’s wide range of Sun Ban Glass

Saint-Gobain offers a range of these specialized window “wonder” glasses under its Sun Ban umbrella that will suit one’s need and budget. These glasses are also star-rated, similar to air conditioners, and help you assess the extent to which they can cut heat and let in light. With various color options, these glasses can help set the tone of your home and also moods of different rooms. The Sun Ban range adds elegance, aesthetics and efficiency to your dream dwellings.


With times changing rapidly, glass has adapted to changing needs. The future has much to behold. Self-cleaning glasses and energy generating glasses are in. So think smart and invest rightly in the glass that is efficient and best suits your need. It is your home and it is for you to choose the best.

Source: www.architecture.in.saint-gobain-glass.comAuthor: shangyi

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