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Shandong Province’s Tallest Building Is in Construction

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Now the tallest building of provinces in China is emerging in an endless stream. Shandong Province’s tallest building was Gaohan Yujin Gu to be completed in 2018 with 339 meters. However its first place of Shandong Province’s tallest building has been replaced by Qindao Haitian Center.

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Located in No.48, Hong Kong West Road, Qingdao Province, Hai Tiantian Center’s main tower will be 369 meters in height. Its total construction area will be 462,000 square meters and 340,000 square meters in terms of above ground floor area. The construction of the center began in late 2015. It is expected to see that the foundation pit support is completed in late 2016 and the time of completion is likely to be in 2019.

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