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Donghai Crystal Wins the Favor of Tourists During Spring Festival

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On January 29, Donghai crystal market was opened. A number of tourists came to the market to buy gifts.

During the Spring Festival, many tourists in Lianyungang like to buy crystal decorations as souvenirs or gifts. Besides the Donghai crystal market, Donghai crystal outlets are also favored by the tourists. Pure crystal decorations are priced by gram. According to the quality, crystal is worth between four and hundred yuan/gram.

Then, some tourists may be worried about buying fake or defective crystal at a high price. It is learnt from a branded crystal store that they always recommend the products according to the customer’s demand. Quality of crystal is unequal in different stores. The price of crystal at the same quality should also be negotiated even in the Donghai crystal market.

On January 29, the market has attracted more than 10,000 tourists and made trades at over 1 million yuan.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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