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Glasweld Launches Robust Glass Repair Distance Learning Program

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Using Adobe Connect technology, GlasWeld utilizes powerful online platform to deliver advanced glass repair training to the industry

GlasWeld, an international solutions provider for the glass repair industry, launched its new Distance Learning Program today. The glass repair education, training and certification program is delivered to customers via Gconnect, GlasWeld’s proprietary online communications platform which utilizes Adobe Connect technology.

“In today’s world, professional glass repair has the power to change an industry,” said Mike Boyle, president of GlasWeld. “Its economic and environmental advantages alone promise to drive its growth in the coming years, but we know that the only way to have a far-reaching positive impact is through education. Our new Distance Learning Program powered by our Gconnect technology has been designed to deliver interactive, quality training to glass repair technicians no matter their location.”

GlasWeld’s Distance Learning Program breaks traditional training barriers by delivering a powerful, professional-level educational program that is accessible anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection. For the first time, all the technical knowledge to understand glass and perform repair is available in one place.

The on-demand training modules in the program’s initial release include introductory information on new repair techniques using GlasWeld equipment; the science and history of glass; how glass breaks; the impact of natural forces and elements on repair; and detailed equipment operation instruction.

Participants are led through the sophisticated Web-based training components to garner practical glass repair information, after which they complete online examinations. By completing the offered examinations, users can secure formal credentials, deliver better customer service and establish professionalism in the field of glass repair.

Boyle continued, “This new program will completely change the way glass repair professionals are trained, tested and certified. It will bring the industry to a new level of excellence in repair knowledge, business profitability and customer service.”

The release of the Distance Learning Program for auto glass repair is the first piece of the Gconnect communications platform. Gconnect will continue to be developed to offer the glass repair industry further live and recorded training sessions, data, presentations, product demonstrations, live technical support and more. Users can interact directly with trainers in real time, or can play the sessions on demand at their convenience.

Gconnect’s Distance Learning Program also complements GlasWeld’s environmental mission to reduce its negative impact on the planet. By providing a way for individuals and groups to connect online, GlasWeld expects to cut down travel time for all involved parties. Travel, and its associated fuel consumption, has been identified as a major contributor to global warming.

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