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Three ways help Pinghu Glass increase profit

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While some companies suffer profit losses under the global economic crisis, Zhejiang Pinghu Glass Co., Ltd., put into production in November 2008, gains a lot in both production and sales, creating the output value at more than 40 million yuan and the net profit 5% more than that of its peers.

So, how Pinghu Glass succeed at its first step? Jiang Xiaoming, the office director of the company, shows us three ways.

Reduce Specific Fuel Consumption

Zhejiang Pinghu Glass Co., Ltd. has a complete set of high-grade float glass equipment imported from France. The equipment increases the melting rate of raw materials by 5% and gets the quality rate at more than 90%. After special debugging, the equipment will well burn raw materials with less impurity. Compared with other companies. Pinghu Glass reduces 0.5 kg/case of fuel consumption.

Reduce Power Consumption

As melting is an important process for high-quality glass, a large amount of electricity is needed. In Pinghu Glass, if 500 tons of raw materials are counted, every production line can save 700 watts of electricity per day, 20% less than general power consumption.


There is always some wasted glass in glass production. As to most of the manufacturers, they often discard the waste for technical reasons or cost performance. However, Zhejiang Pinghu Glass recycles the wasted glass and reduces 10%-15% of cost. In a year, recycling of wasted glass can increase the output at 100,000 cases, which equals to 5 million kg of glass and 500,000-800,000 yuan of profit every year.

Owing to these three ways, Pinghu Glass creates high profit in three months under the financial crisis. It is also a precious experience for other high resource consumption companies.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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