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LG Electronics Selects Corning's Gorilla Glass to Protect New Mobile Phone

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LG Electronics, a consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications provider, reportedly has selected Corning’s Gorilla glass as the protective cover glass for its “Secret phone” (model LG-KF750, pictured below), and other models in development.

Corning officials said that Gorilla glass, an environmentally friendly, thin-sheet glass, was selected by LG as it functions as a protective window for high-end display devices.
“Corning developed Gorilla glass in response to the industry’s need for a better cover glass solution,” said Mark Matthews, division vice president at Corning Specialty Materials.
Matthews said that what sets Gorilla glass apart from the competition is that it is both strong and damage resistant, and retains its performance advantage even when used in thin form factors.
“This was key in meeting the design requirements for the new LG Secret phone,” Matthews added.

Company officials say that as Gorilla glass provides device manufacturers with a highly durable and scratch-resistant liquid crystal display cover it can be used for personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones and notebook computers, and is especially valuable for products featuring touch screen technologies.
Officials said that Gorilla glass is available in a variety of thicknesses, from .5 millimeters up to 2 millimeters, providing flexibility in device design as well as glass processing.
Produced with Corning’s proprietary fusion draw process, it is an environmentally friendly alumino-silicate glass produced with Corning’s proprietary fusion draw process. Fusion draw technology enables the production of uniform thin sheets with a pristine surface.
Meanwhile, the company announced today that COWON SYSTEMS, Inc. has selected Corning’s Gorilla glass, for use in the COWON S9, an MP3 player.

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