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Glass, Bamboo Furniture Standard Put into Effect This Month

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(China Glass Network) Nowadays furniture products have more and more types and the materials used to making furniture also become diversification. Furniture made from glass materials shows us a sense of modernization while bamboo furniture is more pure and simple. These two furniture series are becoming more and more popular among a wide range of customers. To guarantee more qualified products for customers, the General Technical Specification for Glass and General Technical Specification for Bamboo Furniture, published by National Standard Committee, was put into effect on July 1st. The new standards give new regulations on key index like safety, corrosion resistance, and harmful substance of furniture.


Glass furniture: Focus more on safety


Glass materials are ubiquitously applied in housing furniture. They often match with metal, bamboo, wood. Various kinds of modern and up-dated furniture can be made from these materials. In our daily life, we can see a variety of dining and tea tables with table surface made from tempered glass. Since we often put wares on these tables, their quality is very important.


General Technical Specification for Glass being carried out on July 1st gives significant provisions on appearance index, chemical and physical index, safety factors, mechanical properties, hardness index and tempering mark of glass furniture. The new standard strengthens glass products’ corrosion resistance to food, drink and flavors. Also tempering marks are required to put on these products in case of fakes. This standard also gives requirements on property, size, appearance, structural hardness, harmful substance, wooden parts and metal parts. 


Glass furniture: Purchasing tips-more than enough


Glass materials often appear as parts of furniture. We can firstly select glass products according to basic view and touch by checking their appearance, glue alignment, glass caulking groove, surface carving of glass accessories. We can see whether they are tightly and firmly aligned. The edge should be smooth without of any defects. Stringy should be clear and standard. Additionally, we can see whether there are marks of tempered glass, “CCC”, since most glass furniture has adopted tempered glass now.





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