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Jinjing held a show on popular science

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On February 12, a show on popular science was held in front of the headquarters of Jinjing Group. It was co-hosted by Shandong Association for Science and Technology, Shandong Economic and Trade Commission, and Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau.

The show was divided into four parts:
1. Introducing mainly the energy crisis, the problems existing in environmental protection and the sustainable development in China and Shandong.
2. Presenting the target, policies and a series of procedures and specific measures on energy conservation and emission reduction.
3. Presenting excellent achievements, issues and development goals in the field of scientific research and companies.
4. Introducing some common senses and know-how in daily life.

With abundant pictures and information, this show presents the resources status of both China and Shandong and the efforts made in energy conservation and environment protection.

During the show, Mr. Wang, president of Jinjing Group visited the show accompanied with the company’s employees.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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