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High-Purity Recycled Glass Cullet From Finland

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Suomen Uusioaines Ltd. of Forssa, Finland now guarantee that their recycled cullet contains less than 10g per tonne of ceramics, less than 5 g/t of aluminium or iron and less than 5 g/t of lead. Ceramic content is frequently as low as 1-2 g/t. Organic impurities are guaranteed not to exceed 500 g/t and humidity 2%. These high standards result from the use of new crushing and sorting machinery and of the latest purification technology.

Samples are taken hourly at Suomen Uusioaines, and after every shift a 10kg sample undergoes detailed laboratory analysis in order to ensure quality and avoid the processing problems associated with the presence of ceramics and other contaminants in recycled cullet.

Improved colour sorting

The company recycles over 60 000 tpa of glass, and supplies its products in particle sizes up to 50 mm. Suomen Uusioaines obtains raw materials from municipal sources and hospitals as well as from the building trade and the automotive industry. The end products supplied by Suomen Uusioaines are flint, mixed (clear and green) or brown, as well as float glass cullet.

Major users

Major users of Suomen Uusioaines cullet include Saint-Gobain Isover who incorporate float and mixed cullet in their Isover-Comfort range of glass wool building and thermal insulation products. Packaging manufacturers Owens-Illinois and Rexam use Suomen Uusioaines´ cullet in the production of bottle and container glass. Other customers include manufacturers of ´eco-tile´ cladding bricks for buildings. Recycled cullet is also ideal for use in the production of sand-blasting and filter element materials.

The use of recycled glass protects the environment by saving raw materials and by reducing the energy required in manufacturing processes. Suomen Uusioaines´ own environmental system meets the requirements of ISO 14001.

Source: Suomen Uusioaines LtdAuthor: shangyi

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