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PPG Aerospace Lightweight Fuel Tank Sealant Improves Airplane Fuel Efficiency

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First Product Qualified to New SAE Standard Cures in Half the Time

PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) aerospace business has introduced its lightest fuel tank sealant, designed to add less weight to an airplane for enhanced fuel efficiency while affording rapid curing to meet the needs of today’s higher aircraft build rates.

PR-2007 polysulfide sealant made by PPG Aerospace – PRC-DeSoto is the first product qualified to SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 3281 Type II for low-density, fuel-resistant polysulfide sealing compound and the lightest AMS-qualified aircraft sealant, according to Bill Keller, PPG Aerospace global segment manager for aerospace sealants.

“Using proprietary technology, we are taking sealant weight reduction to a new level,” Keller said. “With the thousands of fuel tank fasteners on an aircraft, sealant application can represent considerable weight. Our previous-generation product, PR-1776, affords a 20-percent weight savings over traditional sealants. PR-2007 provides another 10-percent weight savings on top of that. Specific gravity of cured PR-2007 sealant is just 1.1, slightly above the density of water, compared with 1.29 for PR-1776.”

PR-2007 sealant also cures in about half the time of PR-1776 sealant, Keller noted.

PPG Aerospace is the aerospace products and services business of PPG Industries. PPG Aerospace – PRC-DeSoto is the leading global producer of aerospace sealants, coatings, and packaging and application systems. PPG Aerospace – Transparencies is the world’s largest supplier of aircraft windshields, windows and canopies.

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