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Alpha Windows - Replacement Windows

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Dual-pane provides greater benefits than triple-pane because it uses more glass (1/8 inch thick x 2 = 1/4 inch thick) whereas triple pane is 1/16 inch x 3 = 3/16 inch. Not only do you get more glass, the the distance between the two sheets of glass plays a big roll because the more distance, the less penetration. Plus, dual-pane allows the gasses inside to cycle, which protects the energy from leaving the house, keeping heat out in the summer and in during the winter.

The edge of the insulating glass unit is indeed the most vulnerable to heat and cooling loss, condensation and frosting. Super Spacer’s NO-Metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. That means it keeps the heat in during the winter months and keeps the cool in during the summer months. Super Spacer assures comfortable winter humidity levels with hardly any worries about condensation and mold. Visit

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