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3B highlights unique performance and cost benefits of HiPer-tex Glass Fibre Reinforcement for blast and ballistic protection at IDEX 2009

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3B, a leading manufacturer of fibreglass products for the reinforcement of thermoplastics and thermosets, is showcasing its HiPer-tex™ high-performance glass fibre for hard armour ballistic and blast protection applications in Hall 10, Booth A05 at IDEX 2009, being held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

Proprietary HiPer-tex™ fibre technology enables the development of reinforced composite blast panels, ballistic panels, and spall liners that combine optimal protection with light weight and affordable cost.   At their booth, 3B will display innovative products featuring HiPer-tex™ glass fibre that are available from partners TenCate Advanced Armour and VonRoll.

“Military and paramilitary organisations must find new armour solutions to stay ahead of the latest threats,” said Dr. Eric Debondue, 3B business development manager. “But while safety and protection are paramount, these solutions can’t ignore practical considerations such as light weight and affordability. Our HiPer-tex™ glass fibre technology solves both challenges with one technology, and also offers manufacturers many new options for creating hard composite armour products.”

A breakthrough manufacturing process enables HiPer-tex™ fibre to deliver high performance at a lower production cost than traditional high-performance glass fibres. HiPer-tex™ fibre combines the technological advancements of a patented glass formulation and new melt fiberizing and sizing technologies with a high-capacity production platform to deliver economies of scale. This solution stands out in terms of higher strength, higher modulus, and higher elongation at break. Compared to E-glass, HiPer-tex™ glass fibre delivers overall superior performance:  30 percent higher strength; 17 percent higher stiffness; 45 percent higher strain energy; 10 times greater fatigue resistance and 30 percent lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion.  HiPer-tex™ glass fibre delivers these benefits in ballistic applications that meet the following standards: FB4, STANAG 4569 Level 2 and STANAG 4569 Level 4.

In continuous filament form, HiPer-tex™ fibre provides the base material for fabrics and woven roving tissues. By combining HiPer-tex™ fibre with the appropriate polymer matrix, specialized properties such as flame retardance, UV and thermal stability, moisture resistance, and structural integrity can be engineered into the final product. Applications for HiPer-tex™ fibre solutions include hard composite armour for military and law enforcement vehicles, government and civilian vehicles and naval vessels. Engineered ballistic panels, blast panels that protect against land mines and IED’s and spall liners – all made with HiPer-tex™ glass fibre – are currently available from TenCate Advanced Armour, VonRoll and other manufacturers.

HiPer-tex™ fibre is obtainable in Europe and the Middle-East. For further information please contact a 3B representative.

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