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Shahe Glass Price Stabilizes with Slight Stagnation

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China Glass NetworkOn April 26th, 2017,  Shahe glass quotation does not make some changes.


5mm small pane of safe glass (2*2.44): 63.6 yuan/box

Detailed introduction to the price please pay attention to our official website.

Warehouse-out seems to be as the previous while processing enterprises’ demand has been continuously stagnating and distributors walking their way to consumers due to vigorous environment protection policies.

Viewing from domestic market, deep processing factories come into production thoroughly as glass consumption grows. But people’s demand for glass remains a mystery. It is expected as dangerous. Currently price of soda gradually drops to the normal level last year. Glass price is estimated to has gone through the period of fluctuation and now it is going to keep stable for a long time. Orders and warehouse-out become the mainstream among markets.

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