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Temperature Control with TCS from Emhart Glass

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A key factor for speed and efficiency on IS machines is process control. The glassmaker requires advanced tools to adjust various parameters of process to fine tune and stabilize the production with high precision and automation. Emhart Glass supports these demands with the newly developed Temperature Control System (TCS).

The TCS is a pyrometer based system to monitor the temperatures on mold equipment parts on the blank side of an IS machine. The high speed pyrometer is mounted on an automatic precision positioning system. The system allows tracking the temperatures of several points of the section including blank molds, plungers and neck rings and providing valuable information to maintain constant temperate conditions for a stable forming process.

Variation coming from day to night shifts can be compensated with the system first on a semi-automatic base and with further development of the system as close loop. Malfunction of valves and build up contamination which impact the cooling will be easy to detect based on the variations or drifts of the temperatures. Warnings and alarm based preset temperature ranges immediately support the operator to identify potential sources of defects and work on the root cause of the problems.

The TCS will offer unique features to improve the stability and efficiency of the glass container forming process and will provide the possibility for further automation.

For more information regarding TCS, contact your local Emhart Glass representative. Please forward inquiries and comments to the following address:

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