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US - Snow Days Mean Slow Days for Northeastern Glass Shops

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A massive snowstorm has made its way across much of the Northeast today, blanketing much of the Eastern Seaboard and leaving up to 12 inches of snow in some areas. Not surprisingly, many glass companies in the northeast have had a slow start to their workweeks thanks to the snow and cold weather.

Bill Aubin from Queen City Glass in Manchester, N.H., says snowy weather, such as what they have been experiencing, slows everything down for them.

"When it's cold and snowy the only thing people want to think about is heating their homes, and not a new tabletop or window. Right now it's very snowy and we've already gotten 8 to 10 inches. It's been quiet around here for a Monday," Aubin says.

Betsy Mitchell at Boston Mirror Corp. in Boston says the weather has definitely taken a toll on business for them today. She says her area received a little less than a foot of snow, and it was still snowing this afternoon.

"The weather has been prohibitive in terms of getting some of jobs done. Some people have just not wanted us in their homes today because of the snow. We don't do walk-in work, so that has not been an issue."

In Philadelphia, which saw about 6 inches of snow, employees at Apple Glass Co. have been staying busy with inside shop work.

"We have a backlog of work [that keeps us busy inside] until the streets clear and we're back outside, which should be in a day or so," says an employee named Bill, who declined to share his last name.

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