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CRUNCH YOUR COSTS with the New Online Calculators for IG Manufacturers

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Thermoseal Group Limited, the UK’s exclusive supplier of Thermix-TX.N warm edge spacer bar and leading supplier of double glazing machinery and components, has introduced two brand new online calculators which have been especially designed for sealed unit manufacturers to calculate the material costs of each sealed unit produced.

The first of the calculators allows manufacturers to calculate standard ‘Sealed Unit Material Costs’ including spacer, corner keys, desiccant, sealant, PIB, cloth tape and glass. Once the user has entered the dimensions of the unit being manufactured and the bulk component costs outlined in the calculator, it will provide a breakdown of the actual cost of each of the components in the sealed unit as well as a summary of the total material costs of that particular unit. Finally, the calculator will give an indication of the selling price of the unit to achieve the percentage margin required.

The second of the calculators allows manufactures producing new energy efficient gas-filled units to get an indication of the cost of the gas. The ‘Gas Usage Calculator’ requires manufacturers to enter the dimensions of the unit, the air space and the gas-fill ratio and it will calculate costs based on current prices provided by BOC Gases (there is also the option for the user to enter individual gas prices).

Says Thermoseal Group’s sales director Mark Hickox: “Although we encourage sealed unit manufacturers to consider quality and service as well as price, we appreciate that if the numbers don’t crunch to produce the right profit margin in any business then it won’t survive, particularly in the current market.

“We’ve developed these online calculators for sealed unit manufacturers to easily compare their costs and the total impact that individual components have on the profit margin of each sealed unit that they produce. It’s then a matter of balancing the pennies against the pounds saved by selecting a reliable supplier with the service and support that your business needs.”

To view the online calculators, either access them from the Groups homepage on

Sealed Unit Material Costs:

Gas Usage:

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