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Pending TFT LCD demand depressed, says WitsView

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Data are showing a relative low point for pending TFT LCD panel demand in March and April, 2009, according to WitsView. However, the high point is set to take place in August and September, traditionally recognized as the peak season, according to the research firm.

The Market Confidence Index (MCI) is a benchmark that measures views on the TFT-LCD industry.

The next relative MCI low point implies that the first half of the year will continue to be tough for LCD panel makers, WitsView commented. Although panel prices have grown more stable and ASPs for monitors are moving upward thanks to the recent influx of rush orders, uncertainty still remains in end market demand, WitsView said.

The MCI is estimated to reach a relative higher point from the third quarter of 2009, according to WitsView. A rebound for the latter half of the year is expected to be more convincing. Nonetheless, the index will start sliding after September, implying that the TFT LCD sector could again enter another cyclical downturn, said WitsView.

WitsView: Relative MCI high and low point predictions, September 2003-September 2009


Low point

High point


December 2003

April 2004

First prediction

September or October 2005

January or February 2006

Second prediction

June or July 2007

October or November 2007

Third prediction

March or April 2009

August or September 2009

Source: WitsView, compiled by Digitimes, March 2009

Source: DIGITIMESAuthor: shangyi

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