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Replacements, Ltd. Exhibits Rare Collection of Historic American Glass

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From highly collected animal figurines to delicate candelabras, the Heisey Company has long been admired as one of the leaders of the U.S. glass industry. In honor of this historic glassmaker, Replacements, Ltd. is inviting the public to view the company’s private collection of this American treasure in a special exhibit now on display in Replacements’ museum.

Heisey produced pieces in its Newark, Ohio facilities from 1896-1957 and is recognized as a leader in the historic American glass belt. Heisey glass is known for its distinct colors and one of a kind crystal glassware, figurines, vases, candy dishes and other rare pieces. Visitors can also browse through historical information and memorabilia, including pieces in rare colors such as tangerine, vaseline and cobalt blue, which was produced during the 1930s but discontinued during the war effort when needed materials became scarce.

“This display is very unique in that you’ll see a wide range of cuttings, decorations and colors that are rare to find in one setting,” says Jaime Robinson, glass researcher and collector at Replacements. “I think there are examples exhibited that span every decade of Heisey’s production. It’s exciting to see so many pieces together at one time.”

The exhibit also includes rare epergnettes designed by Raleigh housewife and inventor Annie Lee Dillon in 1945. Dillon developed these shallow bowls to fit into candle holders and candelabrums as a way to incorporate floral arrangements into these beautiful glass pieces. The display runs through April 25th in Replacements’ showroom/museum located just off I-40/I-85 (exit 132) at 1089 Knox Road, McLeansville, N.C. The showroom is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

Source: Replacements, Ltd. Author: shangyi

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