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Guardian Introduces Neutral 70, a Higher-Performing, Durable Low-E Glass for Easy Fabrication

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Guardian Industries now offers Neutral 70, an easy-to-process, fabricator-friendly low-E glass that is higher performing and more aesthetically pleasing than pyrolytic low-E glass.

Designed for both light commercial and residential applications, Guardian Neutral 70 provides superior energy performance when compared with pyrolytics. It offers U-value ratings as low as 0.33 and solar heat gain coefficient ratings as low as 0.40. In addition, Guardian Neutral 70’s color neutrality means superior clarity along with lower haze and reflectivity, making it the clear choice over pyrolytics.

“Guardian Neutral 70 represents a new standard in durable, high-performance low-E,” said Michael Mooney, residential segment director for Guardian Industries. “It combines performance and aesthetics of a sputter-coated low-E coating with the durability and ease of use typically seen only with a pyrolytic low-E coating.”

Guardian’s Science & Technology Center developed Neutral 70 to have a low-E coating that offers high performance without sacrificing durability. When compared with other sputter-coated low-E glass, Guardian Neutral 70 is easier to fabricate than other sputter-coated low-E glass because of the following:
* Superior mechanical and chemical durability
* No edge-deletion required
* Single product solution for both annealed and tempered applications
* Extended shelf life for annealed and heat-treated products
* Certification not required

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