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Global Glass Mat Thermoplastics Market 2008-2013: Trend, Forecast, and Opportunity Analysis

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Glass-mat thermoplastics (GMTs) are becoming the material of choice for many automotive applications. Compared to metals, GMTs have higher strength-to-weight ratios and impact resistance. GMTs offer greater design flexibility and better resistance to chemicals and corrosion. They are also electrically insulating and have relatively high stiffness and good dimensional stability. GMTs are challenging traditional sheet-molding compounds (SMCs) as well. GMTs have shorter molding cycle times and an infinite shelf life, whereas thermoset SMCs need controlled storage and have a limited life. GMTs are also lighter and more ductile than their SMC counterparts and better resist impact at both high and low temperatures.

This unique 265 page report provides all the valuable information and tools that you may need in operating your business successfully in the GMT market. In today's global economy, you need every advantage that you can find to keep you ahead in your business. Learn about current trends, identify key players, and explore the directions that the GMT market is heading.

Trend, Forecast, and Opportunity Analysis" fulfills this core requirement. This is a vital reference guide for material suppliers, automotive part manufacturers, investors, researchers, executives, distributors and many others who operate within or follow the composite marketplace. Some of the features of this market report are:
- Market size estimates in terms of value ($) and volume shipment (mill lbs) in various market segments of the Global GMT market.
- Regional Analysis: GMT market breakdown by key regions (e.g., North America, Europe and Asia & ROW).
- Competitive analysis: Major GMT applications and its competition, major GMT material suppliers and their market shares.
- Growth trends for last 5 years and forecasts for next 5 years in terms of dollar shipment and pounds shipment consumed in total GMT market and also for various applications such as headliner, bumper beam, front end carrier, instrument panel, etc.
- Materials Analysis: Properties of different GMT materials and comparison with competing materials.
- Application Analysis: Lists of GMT applications with descriptions on molder name, OEM, and Auto make.
- Over 230 figures/charts and 45 tables in this 265 -page market report to help you make more informed business decisions.

Who Can Benefit From This Report

Multi-client market studies are used by a variety of organizations for a multitude of applications. This study is intended for manufacturers, material suppliers, parts fabricators, OEMs, investors, executives and consultants for use in:
- Business development
- Strategic planning
- Business presentations
- Determination of market size and trend
- Competitive analysis
- Budgeting and financial planning

This study is a culmination of 6 months of full time work performed by us. We collect a lot of unintelligent data from a variety of sources and converts into intelligent data as follows. The intelligent data is used by our clients for making of confident business decisions.

Key Topics Covered:
- Executive summary
- Globalgmt market overview
- GMT applications
- GMT market analysis
- Competitive analysis
- GMT materials and manufacturing process
- GMT market trends
- GMT market forecasts
- Molders profile
- Material suppliers

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