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Encoders can replace glass scales

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Newall Measurement Systems Ltd offer a complete DRO package. This package includes its linear encoders that utilise an inductive technology, namely Spherosyn and Microsyn.

However, Newall claims that some companies do not immediately recognise or fully appreciate the benefits that inductive technology can offer, and have subsequently purchased DRO packages that utilise glass scale technology.

After a period of time glass scales can become extremely unreliable due to the very harsh working environment they are exposed to. The result of this is failure of the glass scale and subsequent down time of their machine tool, which can be very costly. Now companies can really enjoy the benefit of maximising their capital investment by replacing their unreliable glass scales, which are susceptible to contamination from cutting oil and swarf, with a range of newly developed DSG & DMG linear encoders using evidence based Spherosyn and Microsyn technology.

These new linear encoders are available with all types of signal output and resolution: TTL - 1µm, 2µm, 5µm or 10µm 1Vpp - 20µm signal period 11µApp - 20µm signal period plus a 40µm version which is no longer available from the original manufacturer. Both standard and slime-line profiles are available, so all mounting arrangements are accommodated.

Due to existing competitors supplying a variety of DRO displays into the conventional machine tool market, each of which can incorporate a different type of input connector, Newall offers a range of adapter cables that facilitate direct connection of their DSG or DMG linear encoder - making replacement even easier.

Newall says glass scales that are currently being used in the conventional machine tool markets can be replaced with their new range of inductive based DSG and DMG linear encoders, and are so confident in their unrivalled reliability that they include a lifetime warranty on the scale as well as five year warranty on the reader head.

Newall Measurement Systems Ltd is based in South Wigston, Leicester, UK.

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