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91% of Brits would use solar panels

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A new survey by the Centre for Alternative Technologies (CAT) has revealed that nine out of ten British people would consider installing solar panel technology on their properties.

The report, which questioned 750 people, also revealed that only two per cent of homes currently have solar panels installed, but this figure would rise to 23 per cent with sufficient government incentives.

Feed-in tariffs will be introduced next year, which will mean that households generating electricity will pay a smaller amount to receive electricity from suppliers than they will get paid to release excess energy they create into the national grid.

Mark Watson from CAT said: "Photovoltaic systems are one of the easiest renewable energy technologies to integrate in towns and cities, as they can be installed on roofs and building facades with minimal intrusion."

Yet solar uptake is lower than in other countries.

Ireland has already decided that those with electrical microgenerators will receive 19 cents (17 pence) per kilowatt hour that they sell back to energy suppliers.

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