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Feb. large-area TFT LCDs grew to 29.5mn units

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February 2009 shipments of large-area TFT LCD panels reached 29.5 million units, showing strong M/M growth of 23 percent, according to the DisplaySearch Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database.
Specifically, large-area TFT LCD revenues reached $2.96 billion, up 14 percent M/M. For both unit shipments and revenues, February was the first positive monthly growth since September 2008. February's results were mainly due to increasing rush orders, as well as inventory refill from clients, but they could also be an indication that the TFT LCD industry is at, or near, the bottom of the cycle.
DisplaySearch's research found that LCD monitor panels had the highest M/M growth at 37 percent, followed by notebook PCs at 21 percent and TVs at 11 percent. However, shipments are still lower than in February last year, and the Y/Y decline is in the double digits. Table 1 shows monthly shipments by application.

Table 1: Monthly Large-Area TFT LCD Panel Shipments by Application (Millions)
Monthly Large-Area TFT LCD Panel Shipments by Application (Millions)
Source: DisplaySearch March 2009 Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database

In terms of revenues, Samsung was the leader in large-area TFT LCD, with 30.2 percent market share, followed by LG Display at 26.8 percent. On a shipment basis, Samsung also led with 26.7 percent market share, followed closely by LG Display at 26.4 percent. Both shares are the highest level for the leading suppliers in four years.
In the notebook segment, LG Display led with 32.2 percent unit share, followed by Samsung at 29.9 percent and AUO at 15.9 percent. Samsung led in the monitor application with 27 percent unit share, followed by LG Display at 23.2 percent and CMO at 16.4 percent. LG Display also led in the TV application with 26.8 percent unit share, followed by Samsung at 25.2 percent and CMO at 17.9 percent.
In addition to large-area TFT LCDs, the DisplaySearch Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database tracks 5.0" to 10.2" mini-note panel shipments. Mini-note PC panel shipments were 1.5 million in February 2009, a 69 percent M/M increase from 900,000 in January. HannStar was the leader in mini-note panel shipments in February.
DisplaySearch now reports shipment data by size and by suppliers on a monthly basis in the Premium Version of the Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database, so it is possible to track area shipment by supplier.

In terms of area share, the top five panel suppliers in February 2009 were Samsung with 28.8 percent, LG Display with 27.2 percent, CMO with 14.5 percent, AUO with 13.4 percent and Sharp with 6.4 percent. Meanwhile, 16:9 aspect ratio notebook and LCD monitor panels accounted for 18 percent  and 26 percent, respectively, of the total notebook and monitor panels shipped in February 2009.
According to David Hsieh, Vice President of DisplaySearch: "The February results are encouraging for panel makers as they reflect a rebound in demand. All TFT LCD manufacturers have suffered from declining shipments every month for the past half-year. We believe rush orders and inventory refill from downstream contributed to the surge in panel shipments."

Hsieh added: "We previously noted that January 2009 could be the bottom of this cycle, and we believe March will show double-digit growth over February, as all panel makers are increasing capacity utilization. The key challenge for panel makers is to evaluate the supply-demand balance, which will be determined by the amount of production increase and by whether the growth in demand is sustained in Q2'09."

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