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Greenhouse effects: IQ Glass

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What is it?

IQ Glass, or intelligent glass, is a form of double glazing that runs on electricity and radiates heat, warming your house.

How does it work?

The two interior facing panes of glass are painted with an invisible low-emission coating made of transparent metal oxide. The outer pane has a reflective coating that bounces the heat inside and blocks the cold; the inner pane (which is connected to the mains) radiates heat evenly through the room. The double-glazed window works both as a generat or of heat, controlled by a thermostat, and as a thermal insulator that traps heat for longer than ordinary windows.

How green is it?

The company website says that up to 25% less energy is required to heat a home with IQ Glass than one with a traditional system of double-glazed windows and radiators – which means lower bills. It would be even greener if powered using a renewable source of energy.

How much does it cost?

£600-£700 per square metre; kitting out a typical family house would be about £20,000. How much will it save me?It could cut your energy bills by a third.

Source: IQ Glass, Inc.Author: shangyi

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