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Magic laminated glass safeguards home and shields radiation

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Shandong Jinjing Glass Group has recently launched a Low-E laminated glass. The laminated glass is a processed glass made of two or more pieces of glass with a special film between.

This laminated glass is featured of high impact resistance because the special film has high tensile strength and ductility. It is hard to split. Even if the glass is cracked, glass cullet adheres to the film as a whole piece.

The laminated glass is also green to buildings. The middle film is able to absorb most of the solar heat, filter a little heat to keep the room warm and block the transmission of heat between indoor and outdoor.

Besides, colored film can insulate as much as more than 99% of ultraviolet to reduce the fading of fabrics indoor.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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