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Ventilated facades of Sistema Masa for a 46-meter-high hotel in Doha

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The new Dusit Hotel will incorporate the ventilated facades of Sistema Masa in its design and construction.

It is a 5 star hotel located in Doha (Qatar) that will have 185 luxury rooms, 15 suites and other exclusive spaces spread over 7 floors and a terrace that will reach 46 meters in height.

Dusit Hotel: ventilated facades of Sistema Masa

The ventilated façades of Sistema Masa for this project will be installed individually. In fact, the main feature of this hotel is precisely that each facade has a different design and features. 

  • Architect: Design & Consultant Bureau

  • Location: Doha (Qatar)

  • Approximate surface: 10.000m2

  • System: PF-AL-T/SV

  • Building type: hotel

  • Cladding: porcelain tile

Below, we summarize the differences between the ventilated facades of Sistema Masa:

East facade

In this case we have found different levels of plane between structural elements (forged, walls and pillars). However, the lining must be at the same level, so the brackets should be of different lengths to compensate for the differences.

North side

The brackets for this façade should be fixed to concrete, to a hollow concrete block wall or to a metal substructure.

South Facade

Much of this facade is curved, so we previously verified whether the resulting angle between the plates was small enough so that the profiles could be shared between plates and, thus, contain costs and avoid expensive the project.

System PF-AL-T/SV and ceramic cladding

For the façades of Sistema Masa of this hotel we have used the Premium PF-ALT/SV system. A lash anchor seen fixed to the vertical profiles and designed for thin wall claddings, such as ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. One of the aesthetic aspects that most attract the attention of the hotel is precisely its modern cladding.

As we have explained in previous news, the ceramic cladding of the ventilated facades provides great advantages due to the high resistance of this material.

Projects done by Sistema Masa in Qatar

The Dusit Hotel is the latest example of the hotels with ventilated facades of Sistema Masa that we have installed in Doha (Qatar). In addition to this project, we have also participated in the installation of the Al Majed Tower facades, Bin Samikh Hotel, Office Tower Ali Feitas or the Commercial Building Marina Mix-052 office building.

Source: www.sistemamasa.comAuthor: shangyi

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