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Tips on recycling glass

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In an ideal world, recycling would be as natural to us as brushing our teeth and wearing our seatbelts. Not because we are radical environmentalists or the offspring of crazy 'tree huggers', but simply because it's all we know.

As a nation we have not grown up with a recycling culture, but now more than ever we need to contribute towards a reduction in the collective carbon footprint of this country.

This compels us to start adopting new habits and developing environmentally conscious 'green' routines so why not start 2009 off with green resolutions that put glass recycling at the top of the list.

The Glass Recycling Company, South Africa's national organisation responsible for facilitating the recovery of waste glass for recycling, is working hard at mobilising citizens to improve glass recycling rates.

Since the inception of the not for profit organisation, the volume of glass recovered for recycling has increased by just over 38 percent. But this growth trend needs to be sustained and grown further and everyone can help the environment by recycling their glass ?even a small change in behaviour has a measurable benefit. To this end, the company is offering advice to help facilitate this practice.

Recycling is easy, and tips from The Glass Recycling Company to be considered include:

1. Recycle all glass containers including alcoholic beverage and soft drink bottles. But not just beverage bottles. Containers, which hold food and other household items are also recyclable.

2. Be aware of what is recyclable and what is not. For example, light bulbs, crockery, and cookware such as 'pyrex' are not recyclable. Neither is plate glass (window panes) and nor are computer and TV screens, windscreens or laboratory glass. They have different properties that can contaminate a recyclable load of glass.

3. Plan your trips to the bottle banks to fit into your daily schedule ?it will become part of your plan rather than a chore. Take your children along with you and show them how and where to put their bottles. Visit

4. Purchase an additional sturdy dustbin/container that can house all your recyclable glass before depositing it into the local glass bank.

5. In South Africa, it is not necessary to wash glass before placing it into glass banks ?nor do corks, lids or any other packaging labels have to be removed.

6. It is not necessary to separate different coloured glass into separate banks.

7. If delivering the waste glass can't be accommodated into your daily routine contract the services of a waste removal company to collect it from your home each week.

8. Begin recycling at the office and not just at home and encourage your child's school to participate or start a recycling programme of their own.

9. Try and avoid recycling at night to avoid disturbing the surrounding communities.

10. Reuse old glass containers ?they are great for storing paint, crayons, buttons and arts and crafts tools, such as paint brushes, rulers and much more.

11. Take refillable bottles back to the retail outlet you purchased them from and get back a 'returns' deposit.

12. If the local glass bank you visit is full be sure to report this to The Glass Recycling Company ?and try again another day.

For further information on glass recycling visit

Source: The Glass Recycling CompanyAuthor: shangyi

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