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Glass market woes continue in February

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According to the tabulate data issued by China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, the output, sales, storage and price of float glass in February are on the decline over the same period of last year.

In February, the output of float glass is 29,770,000 weight cases, with accumulated output at 61,020,000 weight cases, dropped by 6.89% year-on-year. The Top 5 accumulative outputs are 10,410,000 weight cases in Hebei, 7,000,000 weight cases in Shandong, 6,640,000 weight cases in Guangdong, 6,550,000 weight cases in Jiangsu and 5,930,000 weight cases in Zhejiang.

The sales of float glass is 30,870,000 weight cases in February, with accumulated sales at 58,650,000 weight cases and sales-output ratio at 96.12%, respectively down 2.65% and 4.18 percentages year-on-year. The Top 5 accumulative sales volumes are 9,120,000 weight cases in Hebei, 6,920,000 weight cases in Jiangsu, 6,570,000 weight cases in Guangdong, 6,280,000 weight cases in Shandong, and 6,090,000 weight cases in Zhejiang.

The storage is 27,210,000 weight cases, reduced by 1,210,000 weight cases year-on-year. The Top 5 accumulative storages are 4,860,000 weight cases in Hebei, 4,470,000 weight cases in Shandong, 2,570,000 weight cases in Fujian, 1,820,000 weight cases in Guangdong, and 1,700,000 weight cases in Yunnan.

The weighted average price is 55.27 yuan/weight case, increased by 0.16 yuan/weight case month-on-month and declined by 21.77 yuan/weight case year-on-year with a 15.98 yuan decrease in North China, 21.79 yuan in Northeast China, 24.08 yuan in East China, 23.57 in South central China, 21.03 yuan in Southwest China and 10.92 yuan in Northwest China.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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