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How to remove excess glass glue?

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Glass glue is a material used for bonding and sealing glass and other items. Although glass gum is very insignificant, it is a kind of high-frequency auxiliary material in the process of home decoration. In different devices, it is basically used. If we accidentally put the glass glue on the furniture or other places, how do we remove it? Please look at several ways.

1.When glass gum is inadvertently made to furniture or other things, when glass glue is not solidified, we can use a home cleaning agent to spray on something made of glass glue and quickly wipe off with a rag and rinse with clean water.

2.If glass gum is inadvertently on the glass, ceramics, metal and other items and has been solidified, we can use the art knife without an art knife to use a knife blade to gently scrape off, and the scraping process should not be too hard to avoid scraping the things in the home.

3.When the glass gum is not careful to get the clothes, you can use the drops of banana water in the place of glass glue, and then the brush is repeated until the glass is softened slowly and then rinse with clean water when it falls off.

4.When glass glue is not careful enough to get wooden floor or wooden furniture, it can only be cleaned with special cleaning.

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