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AGC Automotive Europe launches Pure Grey-the first neutral glass as an alternative to green-tinted glass

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Destined for automotive glass, including vision glass (windscreen and front side windows), Pure Grey is a neutral glass which offers the first and so far only alternative to the green-tinted glass used on all car models for its solar control properties. While its energy performance is similar to that of green-tinted glass, Pure Grey with its neutral tint has better performance in terms of rendering of transmitted and reflected colours.

Available in standard thicknesses(1), Pure Grey is the result of worldwide research within the AGC Group and its advanced float glass production facilities. It is characterised by neutral light transmission with excellent colour rendering, unlike green-tinted glass which significantly affects the perception of colours inside and outside the vehicle. When it comes to light reflection, the same neutral character benefits the quest for overall harmony, enabling it to blend with the privacy glass in the back of the vehicle and with the colour of the bodywork. 

Pure Grey also affords energy performance equivalent to green glass with its selectivity(2) of 1.2: by reflecting a significant fraction of the incident infra-red radiation (solar factor less than 62%(3)), it reduces heating inside the vehicle while affording good light transmission (more than 70%(4)).

“With Pure Grey, AGC Automotive Europe reinforces its ambition and capacity to develop glass products with high added value for its automotive customers,” explains Jean-Marc Meunier, Regional President for AGC Automotive Europe.

1. Standard thicknesses: typically 3.15 mm, 3.5 mm and 3.85 mm for tempered glass and assemblies of 2.1mm/1.6mm for laminated glass.

2. Ratio of light transmission to solar factor (total percentage of energy i.e. heat passing through the glass).

3. Measured according to ISO 9050 standard at 3.85mm by AGC Group

4. Measured with illuminant A at 2° and at 3.85mm by AGC Group.

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