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Summary of Glass Market Supply End

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(China Glass Network) By end of last week, capacity of glass industry produced 918.54 million weight boxes, 12.3 million fewer from last year and 24.9 million less from the peak season of last year. The year basis decline is largely due to 9 float glass lines ceased production at Shahe, which also explains why some major manufacturers still keep prices at high level in first quarter of the year. Analyzed from records, although there is a slight decline in 2018, while it is a big improvement compared with end of October 2015. 

Currently, glass industry sustains profits to some degree, but it is hard to restore production line due to strict environment policy. Therefore, glass production line will be delayed to have cold repair and those lines which are able to recover  will restart as much as possible. 

In the short term, capacity of glass production will be deducted lightly. As per statistics, inventory at Shahe is around 10.24million weight boxes, less 1.8 million weight boxes than last peak season in Spring Festival. There are 33.90 million weight boxes across China, 190,000 weight boxes increased on month over month basis, 250,000 more on year over year basis. (data quoted from China Glass Futures Network ) 

Only slight drops on inventory take place in Hubei, Heibei, Shanxi, Zhejiang. Furthermore, glass price slides to a lower position same as the inventory situation in downstream market, which marking distinguished differences between up and downstream storage.

Source: glassinchina Author: shangyi

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