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Notice on Repair of the Company's Hot Water Purification System

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AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Tokyo; President & COO: Kazuhiko Ishimura) judged that certain models of its hot water purification system (dubbed the “24- Hours Bath” system), sold between January 1986 and March 1991, could partly burn out due to a problem caused by the aging deterioration of parts, and decided to inspect those products and add parts free of charge.

Neither damage to users nor expanded damages resulting from this problem have been reported. The product name of the model subject to the free inspection and parts addition “SPAX,” and its type is “AL-505.” The Company checked accidents in which the main bodies of the said product had burned out and conducted investigations to look into the cause of those accidents. Based on the investigation results, it became clear that part of the inside of the hot water purification system could burn in cases where the system cannot be turned off due to aging deterioration of the contract area of the heater switch, and as a consequence the system is heated with no water in it. We sold 293  units of the subject model during the period mentioned above. We are now identifying customers who are using those products. We would like customers who are using the subject model to contact our inquiry counter.

As the cause is the aging deterioration of long-term use parts, we offer our sincere apology for the fact that this kind of problem has occurred, causing trouble and distress to our customers and other persons concerned. We are striving to improve product quality as one of our top management priorities and pledge to strengthen our quality management system and improve safety.

Source: Asahi Glass Co., LtdAuthor: shangyi

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