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Eastman Launches New Saflex® Acoustic Glazing Calculator

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From here you'll be able to determine optimal glazing configurations to meet specific acoustic performance targets.

Eastman announced the availability of the new Saflex® SoundPro acoustic glazing calculato. The  calculator is free to architects and engineers and gives them the  ability to compare a variety of glazing components and technologies to  determine optimal glazing configurations to meet specific acoustic  performance targets.

Using large, dramatic panels of glass is one  of today’s most popular design trends. However, the benefits of  daylighting and improved views provided by large glass expanses also  increase the transmission of sound, especially in dense urban  environments. The challenge for the design community is to understand  the breadth of materials, design techniques, acoustic glazing systems,  and other variables to meet project requirements. 

“It’s a hard to know what acoustic glazing  solution best meets the needs for a project—especially since each  project is different,” said Kevin Moens, commercial director,  architecture. “That’s why we developed SoundPro. It’s an easy-to-use  program that quickly identifies potential acoustic solutions for your  project.”

SoundPro offers two modes to generate  calculations. The Product Selector mode requires users to input acoustic  performance targets using global standards of Sound Transmission Class  (STC), Outside Inside Transmission Class (OITC), and Reduction Index  (Rw). SoundPro then identifies the acoustic glazing solutions that meet  these specifications. 

The second mode is the Glazing Configurator,  which provides estimates for custom designed glazing systems. Users have  a range of variables to consider, including the type of acoustic  interlayer, glass thickness, air space, types of insulated glass, and  design strategies. Once a calculation is complete, users have the option  to refine these selections, and then receive a detailed report  including acoustic ratings, test details, a sound transmission loss  chart, glazing configuration details, and more.

“A key benefit of SoundPro is the ability to  get the Sound Transmission Loss data immediately upon selection of a  tested unit,” adds Moens. “Our acoustic support team is also ready to  provide estimates for customized configuration requests.”

Source: EastmanAuthor: Shangyi

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