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Alanod Solar Coating Provides More Formable Metal Mirrors With Protective Properties Comparable to Glass

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Sol Gel Protective Lacquer Significantly Extends Durability of Metallic Surfaces Used in Outdoor Solar Applications; Alanod Solar to Expand Production Capacity by Forty Million Square Feet per Year

Alanod Solar, the world's leading manufacturer of reflective and absorptive solar surface solutions, today said that its Sol Gel protective lacquer significantly improves the durability and performance of its reflective metal surfaces in outdoor applications. Testing data shows that its lacquered MIRO-SUN® product performs at a level equal to that of glass mirrors in both real world and lab tests. The company also announced that it is building an expanded lacquer coating facility in Ennepetal to meet rising demand for this product.

"This is a tremendous feat from a technology perspective, and it has significant implications for solar companies and developers," said Andy Sabel, North American Market Manager for Alanod Solar. "Glass had previously been the measure for long-term performance, but third party testing has shown that our lighter, cheaper and more flexible metal mirrors are now just as durable. This provides a great opportunity for solar companies to create lighter, more modular technologies with the same level of reliability over the life of the system."

Alanod Solar's protective coating is an inorganic nanotech lacquer (Sol Gel) applied to its MIRO-SUN product, an aluminum surface that has first been anodized and had a highly reflective layer added through a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. This lacquer is applied to the PVD layer to protect it from external elements. Testing has shown that the Sol Gel treated MIRO-SUN performs radically better than non-coated surfaces and significantly better than those surfaces treated with other coatings currently available in the industry.

"These treated metal mirrors are perfectly suited to the newer, next generation solar systems being deployed around the country," continued Mr. Sabel. "Companies are no longer forced to incorporate glass into their technology, now they can design a system around a metal mirror that has more advanced properties with guaranteed performance over time."

Alanod Solar metal mirrors provide the lightest, most flexible and most reliably performing single source surface solutions available in the industry. Alanod Solar materials treated with Sol Gel are extremely durable, and are now guaranteed for ten years in outdoor environments.

To meet rising demand for this treated product, Alanod Solar also announced today that it is expanding its production facilities in Ennepetal, Germany. A new dedicated lacquering line will be completed by the end of this year that will allow the company to produce an additional forty million square feet of treated MIRO-SUN per year.

Performance Results

Additionally, Alanod Solar shared data from its testing protocols on the Sol Gel treated MIRO-SUN. The product was tested at Alanod Solar's own facility and at two independent, internationally recognized third party testing facilities in Europe and the United States.

In its own internal studies, the Sol Gel treated MIRO-SUN was submitted to a series of accelerated aging tests, including those for abrasion, change in temperature, boiling water, UV light exposure, physical bending, salt, and steam. In all cases, MIRO-SUN passed the tests with no damage or delamination and a continued level of performance.

At both third party testing facilities, MIRO-SUN was exposed to real world weather conditions and accelerated climate chamber testing for a period of at least three years. During these testing periods, the test surfaces again showed no significant degradation and maintained their expected levels of directed reflectivity.

As an additional advantage, third party tests have shown that MIRO-SUN metal mirrors show significantly less soiling than glass or plastic film mirror products due to the lack of static load.


MIRO-SUN is a weatherproof, highly reflective aluminum sheet that is used in parabolic troughs and for other reflective solar applications. MIRO-SUN is also available in a special backside lacquered version for CPC mirrors for vacuum tube collectors and as MIRO-SUN® PV, a reflector that is spectrally matched for photovoltaic applications with silicon cells.

To learn more about MIRO-SUN, or to view the company's other advanced reflective and absorptive solar surface solutions, please visit

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