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A+W: Improved Workflow In Insulating Glass Production

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Occasionally, there can certainly be varying opinions about whether there is optimization potential in insulated glass production. But if, despite great activity, there is a harp rack jam in cutting while bored employees are standing around the insulated glass line because no glass is arriving – then it's likely that something isn't quite right.

If in addition employees in shipping are constantly running around with papers searching for finished units and they have to move things around and store things temporarily instead of packaging, then something is really wrong.

If only this were so easy to detect. But in the end, the figures tell the story. Is throughput in production OK? As an operation with a similar product line, are your delivery times longer than those of your competitors? How high is the complaint rate? And does the operation sometimes produce orders for which it earns nothing?

If operations detect problems here, it's time to look into the causes in order to bring them back into the green zone. For with the current market situation, there is a real danger that you won't be able to keep up with the competition.

The recipes for optimizing unprofitable production are as many and varied as the companies affected. Somebody who produces 7000 insulated glass units a day works differently than a company that produces 400 units a day. Somebody who produces products other than insulated glass must master significantly more complex processes from cutting to shipping.

Paperless production: The operator at the visual inspection station of the insulating glass line works with the A+W Production Monitor.

Source: www.a-w.comAuthor: Shangyi

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