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Laser engraving on glass to customize work environments

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Each of us happened to ask how the writing and images on glass are made that we see every day on signs and glass walls.

The suggestive effect that they cause on the observer enhances the beauty and at the same time increases the mystery on how they are made. We try to fill this gap and to explain how we get to have walls with personalized engravings that add an individual touch to our environments.

How the glass is etched with laser

Laser engraving in the Vetroin laboratory

At a technical level with laser engraving the glass is heated to an intensity such as to cause a fusion or vaporization of the material, due to the heat produced by the laser beam. This process has innumerable advantages as regards the processing of a brittle material such as glass.

Its tendency to chip easily when heated unevenly, has always made it delicate during the decoration processes. This feature has stimulated research that through the new technologies has come to the use of laser engraving on glass as a technique congenial to its processing.

The specificities of this material have more challenged the laser systems and processes to reach productions that have a high quality, using an ever shorter working time.

The advantages offered by laser engraving on glass

Laser processing has several characteristics that make it a good competitor compared to sandblasting or mechanical engraving. The advantages of this decoration technique are:

* Non-contact glass processing
* No wear of the tools used
* Maximum precision of details

In the classic mechanical engraving, the material to be engraved is necessarily blocked or fixed to facilitate the work and allow the piece not to move, thus avoiding to ruin the work.

This operation as well as requiring time, can favor damage to a brittle material such as glass, forcing the replacement of the workpiece. Through the laser technique these steps can be avoided. The laser engraving of the glass processing takes place in fact in the absence of contact.

This avoids:
- damage to the material
- the production of splinters and dust 

The absence of contact between machinery and glass therefore allows the non-wear of tools such as cutters and drills, used instead with mechanical engraving.

Last but not least, laser engraving allows extreme precision in details through its technology, which allows selected subjects to stand out best through glass. As on a sheet of paper, the fineness of the traits is impeccably reproduced on the inside or on the glass surface.

Versatile and customizable engravings

We should therefore not be surprised to see how more and more people rely on the decoration of their environments through laser technologies. The countless advantages, both in terms of quality and design, make laser engraving on glass one of the most advanced processes.

Its versatility inside glass walls can be exploited in offices and in commercial establishments, allowing division walls to create suggestive views with a strong visual impact.

The total personalization of the images or writings to be engraved allows a creation ad hoc, ideal to make your working environment exclusive. The incisions are emphasized by LEDs that reveal the beauty of the designs and the finishes of the details, allowing the choice of the color to be used to make the already unique touch coming from this type of decoration even more personal.

Customization of a partition wall with laser engraving

Source: www.vetroin.co.ukAuthor: Shangyi

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