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Technological revolution by Eko-Okna - Energeto 8000

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From August in our offer - Energeto 8000. This is the highest level of energy efficiency and a revolution in the production of windows!

In the Energeto 8000 profiles, steel reinforcement was replaced with  the Ultradur High Speed reinforcement system. Glazing takes place with  the help of modern technology “bonding inside”, which allows the glass  to be glued in the wings without the need for steel reinforcements in  the profiles.

Now, the carrying function is taken over by the glazing unit, thanks  to which the window has even more excellent static properties. The  combination of these two revolutionary technologies has allowed us to  create a perfect window in terms of energy efficiency parameters.

Energeto 8000 to:

  • the warmest windows from our offer,

  • better window statics,

  • no effect of condensation on the glass,

  • windows dedicated to higher constructions (high balconies without crossheads 1050 x 2600 mm),

  • system compatible with other 85 mm systems from the Aluplast offer,

  • 6 anti-burglar points per sash.

Energeto 8000 belongs to the Aluplast family  systems. The difference lies in the technology of execution and in the  internal structure of the profile. It is also better statics and the  ability to create higher structures, which is guaranteed by composite  reinforcement. None of the other systems in our offer is so  technologically advanced.

Technical parameters of the Energeto 8000 system:

  • 3 seals,

  • building depth 85 mm,

  • 6-chamber construction,

  • the possibility of using Aluskin covers,

  • profiles combined in V-Perfect technology,

  • the possibility of using glass packages up to 51 mm,

  • recommended for passive construction,

  • available in a variant with a straight sash (Classic line).

As a standard, Energeto 8000 profiles are combined using V-Perfect technology.  V-Perfect gives them a very aesthetic look. There is no visible  connection point in the corners. The V-Perfect technology allows to  eliminate groove formation during the welding process, as well as to  clean the inside of the frames, which can be seen after opening the window.

Source: ekookna.co.ukAuthor: Shangyi

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