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Semco’s recipe for success: Investment in automation and efficient plants

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Klaus Köttering, Technical Manager at Semco puts it plainly: “If you want to be successful in the glass processing industry, you have to invest in staff, plants, and software.”

This is exactly how the Semco Group operates, since in the last 10 years, the owners have invested over 150 million euros. At the site in Nordhorn, Germany, the logistics department and the glass cutting area were equipped for the future in several steps. In this case, Semco trusts the solutions and know-how provided by LiSEC.

In this highly competitive sector, the German glass processor applies a simple formula for success: In 2017, Semco’s main business in Germany and an export share of 15% generated 217 million euros.

Köttering: “We are able to survive thanks to our extremely high product quality and delivery reliability, and we supply a segment that is prepared to pay a little more for this.“

Semco not only possesses a sophisticated niche strategy, but the company’s strengths also include investment in a float glass plant, which will ensure access to a certain capacity and types of glass in the future.

The new glass cutting system currently achieves 260 m2 float glass and 75 m2 laminated safety glass (LSG) per hour

Source: www.lisec.comAuthor: Shangyi

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