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Updated News about China Glass 2009

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20th China International Glass Industrial and Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2009) will be staged at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on May 13-16, 2009. This is another grand gathering of the glass industrial communities in the world. The exhibition is organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society and co-organized by the Shanghai Ceramic Society. The show is run by the Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Owing to uninterrupted innovation and development in the past two decades since its initiation in 1986, China Glass has increasingly raised its professionalization and internationalization and now has become one of the three largest international glass exhibitions in the world. It serves as a platform for trade talks and technical exchanges, which has the largest scale and greatest commercial significance in the Chinese glass industry, and has been acknowledged and received more and more companies in the glass community. In April last year, China Glass 2008 was successfully completed in Beijing. It covered an area of 53,000 square meters and totally 736 exhibitors, including 248 foreign companies, came from 21 countries. Germany, Italy, the USA and Belgium sent their State exhibitors groups to attend the show. The event attracted 30,391 professional visitors, of which over 2622 came from 89 foreign countries. It shows that this exhibition is oriented towards mass clients not only from China, but also from other countries in the world, especially Asia and emerging economic community.

Up to now, 842 exhibitors have registered to the show. They come from 23 countries as follows: China (including the Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan), Germany, Italy, the US, the UK, France, Belgium, Czech, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Australia, Jordan, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Monaco, India and Indonesia. 225 of them are foreign exhibitors. Germany, Italy, the US and Belgium organized their state exhibition groups to attend the show. The exhibition area of China Glass 2009 reaches 55,000 sqm. This is the largest in the history of the China Glass exhibition in terms of exhibition area and the number of exhibitors.

Although financial crisis is occurring in the world, most of the exhibitors brim with confidence in the Chinese market and China Glass exhibition. The leading glass companies in the world are still enthusiastic in attending this exhibition. The Italian pavilion enlarged their exhibition area by 60%, the Glasston Group has an booth area of 775 sqm, Bottero has ordered an exhibition area of 420 sqm. Many Chinese famous glass enterprises have large exhibition booths at this exhibition. They will bring to the show with their newest technologies, equipment and products, representing the current new development of the world’s glass industry.

The exhibition displays a great variety of exhibits, covering almost all fields of glass industry, including architectural and decoration glass, glass windows and doors, hardware and fittings, industrial glass, tableware and containers, electronic glass, electric light source glass, special glass, art glass products; glass-processing machinery, abrasives and grinding tools; instruments, equipment and automatic control systems for glass production; raw material, refractory and auxiliary material, etc. Especially, the exhibition will show more about techniques for energy saving, emission reduction and efficiency increase in glass industry, development of various energy-saving and safety glass, such as low-E insulating glass, inert-gas insulating glass, laminated glass, film-pasted glass, vacuum glass, etc. The exhibition also shows that some enterprises have made new progress in the field of solar energy photovoltaics.

This exhibition is not only a platform for Chinese glass circles, but also a stage for global glass circles. Associated with the exhibition, the organizer of the Glass Performance Days (GPD) in Finland, supported by the Chinese Ceramic Society, will hold GPD China 2009 in Shanghai on 11-12, May 2009, in which there are a number of technical exchanges, focusing on “solar and glass technology”, “practicing and processing” and “architecture, facade and market trends”. The Chinese Ceramic Society, Donghua University and the Shanghai Ceramic Society will organize the 2009 International Symposium on Advanced Glass Melting Technology on May 10-12, 2009. Besides, there are 15 special technical seminars.

Source: Chinese Ceramic SocietyAuthor: shangyi

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