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Eko-Okna: Effective glazing without heat loses

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Smart Slide is a sliding door, but the innovative closing mechanism allows for simple and intuitive operation, similar to solutions used in lift and slide doors. The TPE gaskets were used here, which resulted in a much higher thermal insulation coefficient than in other sliding doors.

The system is worth recommending also for another reason. Using it without a problem you can make larger constructions than in other systems. The wing in Smart Slide can reach up to 1.5 x 2.3 m.

The depth of wing construction is 70 mm, and glazing units can be up to 41 mm wide. This means that the doors made based on the Smart Slide system are not only functional, they can be used to create large structures, but they are also warm.

Smart Slide is:

  • intuitive closing,

  • easy sliding,

  • modern classic-line design,

  • high level of tightness,

  • possibility to create large constructions.

We recommend equipping Smart Slide doors in ventilators. We also recommend a full range of smooth and wood-like veneers, thanks to which the doors can be adapted to any type of interior or façade.

Source: ekookna.plAuthor: Shangyi

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